Bone-in Ham

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Half: Approximately 8-10 lbs. average.
Whole: Approximately 18-20 lbs. average.

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Sugar cured for weeks, smoked for days to assure that "mouth watering" old fashion smoked flavor. Plath's lean tender hams are 18-20 lbs. (whole), 8-10 lbs. (half), perfect for your next large or small gathering. Just imagine the bean or pea soup you can make with the leftovers ... if there are any. Heating instructions enclosed. If lost, refer to below:

To Roast: Pre-heat oven to 325º F. Place about 1/4 inch of apple juice, Vernors ginger ale or water, in bottom of roaster. Place ham in roaster, for half a ham - cut face down, and cover. Place roaster in oven and heat for 2 hours, for half of ham or 3 hours for a whole ham.

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