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About Us

For over 110 years, the Plath family has been providing quality meats from a small town in Michigan.

Today, four of the Plath's five sons are involved in the business. Plath has always utilized the latest technology while maintaining the old fashion quality and taste the people have come to know and love. Loyal and hardworking employees have helped make Plath's Meats a well-run business.

Founder Emil Sr. and his son Emil "Moe" Jr., carried Plath's through its first 6 decades of business. Moe is the Plath credited for expanding the business and keeping a close eye on the books. Along with purchasing the new delivery truck, Moe came up with the slogan "Follow me to Rogers City".

The next generation of Plath's "boys" have made this widely known meat market into what it is today. Tim, Jamie and John have worked in the store all their lives. Jamie, who has been there the longest, handles the production of bacon, pork loin, poultry and fish, while Tim takes care of the ham and sausage. Most of the store customers will find John (also know as "Moe's clone") at the counter when he's not paying the bills. With family and long time employees like Benny Kamyzek and Ray Plath retiring, the family secrets were passed down as Benny taught Tim how sausage was made, just as Emil Sr. taught him. Mark Plath, the youngest, returned in 2009 and started the new outlet in Petoskey

Today Plath's retail counter contains more that 30 different types of homemade sausage and meat products. There have been many customers who have enjoyed Plath's famous bacon and pork loin over the last 109 years, and rest assured that it will be enjoyed for many more.

Our History

The story of one of Northern Michigan's most successful business began in 1913 when at 23 year old Emil Plath Sr., a German immigrant who knew little English, settled and opened a store on Rogers City's main street. Plath brought with him from Stettin, Germany, skills as a butcher, sausage maker and his recipe for "Kasseler Rippchen", or Smoked Loin. But perhaps more importantly, he brought with him a dream and the determination to succeed in America, the land of opportunity.

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Our Locations

Stop by and shop at one of our two Michigan locations. While visiting our Roger's City location you can walk through the same doors Emil Sr. and his son Moe Plath posed in front of in the 1950s.

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